UVU Soccer Stadium Concepts & Programming

Orem, Utah / 2023

Utah Valley University Soccer Stadium Complex. Concept renderings and Programming phase services. 

The west stadium building will be organized into spaces for the main functions serving student-athletes, spectator areas, and media facilities. Storage facilities will be provided convenient for field access and for building support. Student-athlete amenities are to be adjacent to the playing field and include player bench areas, locker rooms, showers, team rooms. Coaches and Referee changes spaces are also included in this area.

Spectator amenities are located on the upper two levels. An open-air concourse will serve fixed seating on level two. Adjacent to the spectator concourse are comfort stations, first aid, and minor concessions element. Level three will include premium spectator seating in suites and access to comfort stations.

Media amenities will be provided on level three, at the midfield location. These amenities include game announcer, home team media, visiting team media, and other potential broadcast partners. The press box is needed for the NCAA’s tournament hosting requirement.

The Southeast concessions and restroom building is replacing the existing concession and restroom building with sizes and fixture counts to support spectator quantities.